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Global Medica Hungary is a Hungarian healthcare agency based in Budapest, one of the most stunning capitals in the world.
Our mission is to provide diverse and quality medical services at reasonable prices. We have selected hospitals, specialist and private clinics with utmost care and continiously review and inspect our network of healthcare providers.
The leading specialists are both nation-wide and internationally acclaimed doctors.
Our team makes you feel comfortable with every single step of your travel, stay and treatments. 

With us, your health comes first.


Dental treatments in Hungary:

Our licensed dental clinic has more than 18 years of implantology experience and  has been the leading implantology clinic of Hungary for 6 years. We provide secure, high quality dental care in a friendly environment.. The clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment and materials only from industry leading suppliers are used. It is for your convenience and it all comes at an affordable price.

Cosmetic surgery in Hungary:

The private clinic is very modern with a luxurious plastic surgery department, based in a state hospital with modern operating theatres and the latest equipment. We provide top quality plastic surgery treatment by surgeons with professional knowledge and experience - selected under very strict requirements.

Laser vision correction in Hungary:

Would you like to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses?
Our professional team uses a recent technological breakthrough, the IntraLASIK. The computer-guided lasers are physically incapable of making mistakes. 22,000 successful operations here to testify it's capabilities... and 2,000 every year.

What are the most relevant factors which determine your option when you choose a medical treatment abroad?

The benefits of choosing Global Medica Hungary:

  • A network of first-class facilities
  • Affordable prices, SAVE UP TO 70%*
  • High quality standard
  • Quick booking
  • Diverse treatments in one place
  • A naturally helpful team and friendly environment
  • Consulting and certain treatments available in London
  • Frequent price promotions


  • FREE! - Complete travel arrangment 
  • FREE! - 24/7 phone assistance before, during and after your treatment
  • Referral Discount! - If you are satisfied and recommend us you will get a discount from our prices.* 

*The actual price difference may vary according to the treatment and services provided.
*Please get in touch with us to inquire about the referral discount.


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Medical tourism in Hungary

During Your stay we can organize a relaxing Wellness & Spa program, sightseeing tours in our stunning capital city or famous countries, visiting other spectacular attractions.
Receive a high standard beauty & health treatment and leave Hungary with the new you feeling - Look Amazing, Feel Gorgeous!

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